"I cannot imagine to ever stop felting..."

About me

Visual (felt) artist

My fundamentals are materiality, tactility, colour, light, composition and inspiration.

Materiality: I work with handmade felt because this material fascinates me. During the time I've learned to know the material well, so I 'm able to cope with the expressive power of it.
I also love to work with this material because felt making is a slow process. It gives me time to reflect on that what arises under my hands.
Working with felt is currently my main premise. With the aid of felt making techniques developed by myself, using hand dyed fabrics and wool fibers, an over-flowing of colours into one another arises. I want to surprise the viewer by using textile materials instead of paint in my works of art.

Tactility: The soft material challenges me over and over again to come up with a form / felt making technique where power lies within. That strength I can achieve through the use of colours, various structures, etc.

Colour: I make sure there is always a layering in my work. This layering consists of layers of wool fibers combined with various types of fabric. At every layer, I use wool and fabrics in a way that the colours intertwine just as I have designed. By the felting process the many layers connect with each other. My way of using colours results in an intense depth.

Light: As a result of the nuances in colours of the hand dyed wool and fabrics ánd by the layering of the felt, the light, lighting plays an important role to my work. The kind of light determines what is visible. With every change of light the viewer will experience a different work of art.

Composition: I strive for a 'figurative abstraction'. My works have a clear meaning for me, but may be interpreted in several ways.
During my education as a visual artist I started looking to expand the possibilities that I could obtain with the same medium. I challenged myself searching for the limits of the material. This has often led to intentional or accidental discoveries that I use again in later work.
On most of my wall panels three sides are 'straight': the work is stretched tight around a frame. The underside of the work however, is often left 'loose' to emphasize the playfulness of the felt.

Inspiration: I am inspired by the rural surroundings of my studio and the emotions in human relations.
My work can be straight and rhythmic, just formed by shapes. Other works on the other hand are poetic, understated. Sometimes I hide my stories in my work, sometimes I spell them out.
Besides the turmoil of emotions that I can pursue in my work, I also like actual movement. Therefore, I worked for a number of works with film. My aim was not to produce a perfect movie, but I tried to convey a thought to the beholder.
Part of my work is a representation of my experience of the environment in which I live / work.
I want to catch the landscape mostly in colour. The work therefore is quite abstract. It is my interpretation of the Frisian Greidhoeke in felt.